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Wizcorp is a Tokyo-based game production company focused on providing complete development services


Conceptualization & Design

Whether it’s gaming or interactive content, Wizcorp has years of experience working with a wide range of technologies including Unity, Unreal, Playcanvas, Defold, as well as its own proprietary technology.

Game Production

Wizcorp works with global publishers and IPs to produce high quality games with dynamic content support and scalable backend. Struggling with your game production? We can help.


From server operations to community management, Wizcorp is your go-to partner to ensure a smooth operation for your games.

Wizcorp in Numbers

Problem solvers at heart, our development approach and creative process has allowed us to be platform and genre agnostic.



Since 2008, Wizcorp has been on the forefront of web and mobile gaming, pushing everyday the boundaries of web technologies, and designing innovative game experiences.


Wizcorp has worked on more than 30 games for 20+ customers, including many reputed game companies such as Square Enix, Capcom, GREE, LINE and many more.


From casual puzzle games to MMORPGs, TCGs to real-time shooters, and everything in between, Wizcorp has worked on many genres and will always be up to new challenges.


With 6M+ cumulated registered users, Wizcorp is confident with its abilities to design and operate highly scalable systems.


Take a look at some of our work.


  • Guillaume Hansali

    Guillaume Hansali

    Founder, CEO

    Guillaume has an engineering background and considers technology a key element of any decision-making process. His experience working in Japanese companies and his fluency of the language are decisive assets that separate us from other companies in Japan and abroad.

  • Marc Trudel

    Marc Trudel


    With over 15 years in game server development, DevOps, technical planning and management, Marc brings a wide range of expertise and leadership to our game production units.

  • Hiroyuki Nakagomi

    Hiroyuki Nakagomi

    Production Director

    In the game industry since 1993, Hiro has been involved in the development of a number of hit titles for SEGA such as Shenmue (Art director). He also worked as a producer for FIFA series at EA Canada (Vancouver). Then through Capcom and GREE, he joined Wizcorp in 2014 to help spreading Japanese content worldwide.

  • Cain Martin

    Cain Martin

    Head of Engineering

    With 20 years of experience in both engineering and design roles, Cain provides the mentoring and expertise needed for our team to be at their best when working on our customer's projects.

  • We are Hiring!

    Various Positions

    We are hiring for various positions and are always interested in new talent.
    Send us a message if you think you're a good fit!

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Awesome Customers

Wizcorp is proud to have worked with industry leading game developers and publishers and would love to add you to its list of beloved customers!


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